Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hot Dresses That Keep You Cool

"It's getting hot, hot, hot" You know that obnoxious song you hear nonstop at resorts/on vacation? Well it's now becoming a way to describe the daily weather, especially in Texas! We love the warm weather,  don't get us wrong, but sometimes no matter what you wear you still feel like you're melting! Luckily, we have some great lightweight clothing to keep you from feeling smothered this summer!

Our first cool (get it?) dress is this adorable printed shift! This dress is super lightweight and airy, plus it comes already accessorized, win-win! The thin yet durable fabric of this dress makes it perfect for throwing on when your friends want to grab lunch or go shopping! Plus this dress is a perfect transition dress as it looks great with a blazer and heels for work, sandals for a casual errand day, and pumps for a night on the town!

We love denim, as a matter of fact, we're always reaching for denim shirts when styling, so when we saw this adorable denim dress we fell in love! This dress is super lightweight and casual, making it perfect for the warmer months! It looks adorable with sandals or cowboy boots and burnt orange accessories! It can also be dressed up by throwing on a cardigan or blazer and nice shoes!
This dress is so light and airy that we had a hard time of making it stay still while trying to photograph it! We love the deep open V in the back as it makes this dress flirty and stylish while giving you room to breathe, serving double duty! We also can't get over the adorable pattern on the dress that makes it a little more interesting while camouflaging any sweat!
For the occasions when you need to dress up a little more, or show a little Longhorn pride this summer, this dress is great! Again, by pairing it with a blazer or cardigan it can be dressed up and transitioned to night time! Just like the printed dress above, the open back detailing on this dress will help you breathe and feel cool during the warmer months! Extra perk of this burnt orange dress: it transitions great into football season!
With these summer dresses you can look hot while staying cool so stop in the store or online to get ready for summer! 

Written by Devin!
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Favorites of the Favorites

Tessie here! I loved Devin's post on our go to pieces so much that I wanted to add some of my ultimate favorites, ya know, the favorites of my favorites!

I'm a sucker for statement necklaces. Maybe it is because I am such a hair and makeup minimalist that I really count on my outfit to pull myself together. Adding a solid statement necklace is usually the final touch that I need! Our new colorful bib statement necklace combines some of the prettiest (IMO) spring colors, making it a fun way to turn a basic dress into a picture perfect ensemble. 

Despite my love for statement necklaces, I know that when I am wearing prints on prints or a dress that is already a little loud, I need to opt for a simpler necklace. This is when I turn to my trusty $15 Texas Necklace. This necklace has seen it all (lake water and gameday sweat just to name a few), yet it is still a beautiful shade of gold with no shine of tarnish at all. Impressive!

When I am looking for a happy medium, a lightweight yet adorned piece like the blue knotted necklace does the trick. I especially love the 1920s vibe of this necklace and the mint color surrounding the center stone. Swoon. 

Clothing wise, I am a huge fan of the white button down with crochet detailing that we have at the store and online right now. Layer it over a tank or a bandeau, tuck it in or leave it out, the options are endless with this basic yet fun button down. 

The last thing I really can't live without right now is a fringe bag. These bags are the ideal size (big enough for the necessities, but small enough that they don't weigh you down). I feel hippie chic every time I carry mine, which is a huge win my book!

Playing Favorites- Our Picks

For the record, we don’t choose favorites, just like any parent would claim. We would, and do, wear everything that we carry, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few pieces that get circulated through our closets a little more than the rest! Today we’re going to talk about our favorites, off the record of course, but don’t tell the other clothes, okay?

Everyone has that one necklace or pair of earrings that they reach for when their outfit needs a little extra bling, right? Well for us it’s not just one. As you’ve seen in previous posts, we are always reaching for these tortoise, white chandelier, and purple and white jewel earrings earrings. Something about these earrings makes them feel so luxurious and glam that we’re always working them into our outfits!

I’ll try to refrain from another statement necklace loving rant, but just look at those pictured above for a second please! Also, I'm sure you've seen this crystal necklace on plenty of our mannequins as it's so versatile! These necklaces make our love for statement necklaces a little more understandable, right? They’re perfect!

These necklaces aren’t statement necklaces, but we’ll let it slid because they’re adorable!
How perfect is this hippie chic burnt orange gem necklace for game day? It’s totally perfect for adding a little color to a slouchy white t-shirt! Also, Living in Texas means having a ton of state pride, so obviously a dainty golden Texas state necklace is one of our staples for day-to-day wear; keeping it in our constant circulation!

Ok we’re going to try to contain our love here, but we’re all for maxi skirts and dresses, so we seriously can’t stop wearing and styling them! Our first love is this braided top lilac skirt, which we frequently pair with a denim top, a slouchy white t-shirt, or a crop top!

You can bet we’re going to be wearing this bright coral and lace maxi dress all summer long; it’s perfect for the warmer months with its bright coral and lace combination! This dress looks adorable and feminine when styled with dainty gold or white jewelry and sandals; and looks boho chic when styled with flats, turquoise (a complimentary color) jewelry, and a fringe bag! This dress is perfect for  concerts, dinner with friends, shopping, you name it!

This tie dye dress is ideal for summer; it has bright colors and is super lightweight, which will keep you cool in the warmer months! We love the high neckline in contrast with the relatively open back; its fashionable and functional! We can’t stop wearing it and know that it will be our go-to when we’re in a hurry this summer!

Now that we disclosed our favorites, please don’t tell the other clothes, we don’t want to make them jealous! Let us know what your favorites are!

Written by Devin!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Summer T's and Being Carefree!

Even though we’re only halfway through the week we have our eyes on the weekend, as always! As it’s starting to really heat up we want to be anywhere outside and by the water; we’re thinking floating the river, camping, and cook outs! Even though it’s getting hot and humid out we know you still want to look cute, so we have you covered!

What better way to show off your southern roots than with these adorable Y'all Tanks?! We love how soft these shirts are; they’re perfect for throwing on over a bathing suit or for pairing with jean shorts and sandals, with a gold Texas necklace of course!

For those days when you'd rather be out in the country, this super soft charcoal skull shirt, available in tank top and short sleeve, is perfect! This shirt would look adorable with distressed jean shorts and cowboy boots; it’s a great mix of hippie chic and country cute! Obviously, we love how it looks when paired with the skull necklace or double layered with our Austin and Texas script necklaces!

We love this Happy Camper shirt! It makes us feel like we’re carefree and in the 70’s! We also can’t get enough of the beautiful teal color; it looks amazing on all skin tones! This shirt is one that we can’t wait to bring with us to the beach, lake, and river, as it is ideal to throw over a bathing suit when you’re on the go!

We can’t wait for the carefree summer months spent by the water, eating amazing barbecue, and spending time in good company! With these comfy and cute shirts you’ll be ready for whatever last minute plans arise and will look adorable while doing it! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Put a Ring on It! Accessorizing in Style!

Here at Longhorn Fashions we believe that the perfect accessory can tie an outfit together! Whether you’re hanging out with friends or attending a special event, we have the perfect accessories for you!

Just as BeyoncĂ© says, put a ring on it. Rings are the perfect subtle accent to any outfit! Mid-finger rings are so trendy right now; they instantly make any outfit a little more stylish and interesting! We love this burnt orange ring for football season, it’s the perfect way to integrate more school spirit subtly into your outfit. Plus, this ring gives a hippy-chic vibe to any outfit during the off-season!

We all have bad hair days, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t remedy it with a chic headband! These adorable bands are perfect for tying an outfit together with a fashionable and feminine detail! We are obsessed with this white lace headband; it would be perfect with a t-shirt and leggings, a maxi skirt and jean jacket, or a burnt orange dress on game day!

Clutches are the perfect way to carry your belongings while pulling your outfit together! This gold sequin clutch is perfect for adding a little glam to a neutral and casual outfit or a little black dress! We love the gold detailing on the white and gold clutch; the peekaboo of gold is the perfect hint of color! The texturing on the flap of the solid white clutch keeps this neutral clutch interesting and versatile, helping it stretch your closet!

Earrings are one of the best ways to draw attention to your face and can be switched out quickly when you’re on the run! We are obsessed with how statement earrings look with a white t-shirt and jeans; it makes the outfit glamorous and fashionable without too much fuss! Statement earrings are a great accessory when you only want to wear one piece of jewelry, as they are so intricate and colorful that you don’t have to wear a necklace or bracelet with it!

Dainty necklaces are perfect for day-to-day wear; they can show what’s near and dear to your heart without distracting from your outfit!  Whether you’re wearing your sorority’s symbol or the state of Texas, dainty necklaces are perfect for everyday wear and accessorizing!

You may remember our post about statement necklaces, but to summarize, we LOVE them. They’re perfect for dressing up basically any outfit! Wearing a statement necklace with jeans and a t-shirt is instantly chic, while pairing it with a dress can make you black-tie ready!

Accessorizing shows that you took the extra time to put your outfit together to make it look polished! Regardless of what your go-to accessory is, come stop by  the store or look around online to see what’s new!

Written by Devin!
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to Style Your Crop Top

So frequently I hear “I could never pull off a crop top, I don’t have the body for it”. First of all, you have a body, so you have the body for it, but that’s not the point! Sure, you may not feel confident wearing a crop top with low-rise shorts, I know I don’t, but that should not stop you from trying out this trend!

In the same way that life is all about balance, so is fashion. To rock this ultra short shirt with confidence, without bearing too much skin, balance it out with a long, high-waisted maxi skirt. The shirt will stop just below the ribs, but a high-waisted maxi skirt covers the rest of your body, helping you feel confident and modest!

At Longhorn Fashions we are obsessed with this braided lilac maxi skirt, it seriously looks perfect with everything! We love how it looks adorable and fashionable when color blocked with our navy cutout crop top, and bohemian and chic when paired with our tribal printed crop top!

How adorable does Tessie look in Italy wearing our tribal crop top with the lilac maxi skirt?!

We also love how our burnt orange maxi skirt looks with the white embroidered crop top, it’s perfect for a music festival, a day in the park, or for lunch with friends! The combination of cotton maxi skirt and crop top will leave you feeling comfortable in the warmer months while looking cool, a win-win for us!

The balance of the short shirt and long skirt makes this trend so much more approachable, and we can’t wait to wear it all summer long!

Written by: Devin

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What to Wear to Graduation

Graduation is just around the corner! Whether you're graduating high school or college, we have the perfect outfit for you!

This white dress is the perfect combination of traditional and stylish! It pays homage to the classic white graduation dress through it's shape, while remaining modern with the open detailing! This dress can be styled with such a wide range of jewelry, and a pop of your school's colors would look great with it! 

white dress

The perfect dress for the less than traditional free spirit! This dress looks great with flats, heels, and boots and can be worn long after graduation! We love the hemline detailing and the bell sleeves, hello flower child! 

Whether you're headed to The University of Texas or becoming a Texas Ex, the burnt orange in this lightweight denim dress is the perfect way to show off your school pride! We love the silhouette of this dress and think that it would be perfect with boots or heels! 

Denim Dress with Burnt Orange Embroidery

This burnt orange bow dress will be perfect for a hot, Texas graduation! The open back will keep you cool and stylish while the simple front lends the dress to a wide range of styling! We personally love how a Texas state necklace and a pop of white look with this dress! 

With the right graduation dress from Longhorn Fashions you'll be ready to start the next chapter in your life, you just have to figure out which one to wear!

Written by: Devin
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